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Steps to building a swimming pool



Swimming pools are a great addition to your home yard, and provide a great way to spend time with your family and a fun way to exercise, but building them is not easy at the same time, and even if you decide to build them yourself, their cost may be close to 25 thousand dollars, and it is taken into account Also, many countries do not allow you to build the swimming pool yourself, but it must be done by a contractor who has a permit to build swimming pools, in order to ensure that the swimming pool meets the legal building standards, and after this introduction, you can start looking at the steps in order to know what you need to do Build a swimming pool in your yard.




Design the swimming pool. You have to start with the design of the swimming pool that you want to build first, will it be circular or square? How deep and what color will it be? The more complex the design, the higher the cost of building it. 

Get a permit. Agree with one of the contractors and obtain a permit from the administration of the neighborhood you follow, and you may need to agree with the Owners Association in the place where you live, as some neighborhoods may not allow you to build a swimming pool in your yard, and the contractor can extract both permits for you, If he has experience in that field and is qualified to do so.

     Some countries add more taxes to you if you own a swimming pool, and you may be in great trouble if you do not apply to the competent authorities before building the swimming pool, as the authorities may consider it tax evasion.

Dig up the pool. You have to rent the appropriate equipment to perform that task, at least you have to rent one excavator in order to dig the place for the pool, and it is important that you have obtained a building permit from the neighborhood administration before you start this task, so as not to expose the infrastructure to the risk of breakage or damage if you do not Watch out.

Level the ground. You have to start leveling the ground after digging as much as possible, as that area will later be the floor of the pool, and it will make it easier for you to build the walls and floor of the pool if you complete this step successfully, and if the pool floor is of varying depths or inclined, you will most likely need A trained and experienced contractor or builder to perform the operation.

Start building walls. After you have finished digging and grading the ground, you will be ready to start building the walls, and you can start forming the walls using timber and rebar, and you have to make sure that the walls are straight and aligned with each other.

Start doing plumbing work. You have to get the services of a specialized and licensed plumber to do the necessary plumbing work for the swimming pool, and the plumbing network consists of a system for feeding water and a filtration system, in accordance with the laws stipulated in the region in which you live, and you have to look for a plumber with experience in swimming pool work because renting An underpaid and untrained plumber may lead to poor results.


Electricity to the swimming pool. Hire an electrician to connect the electricity needed to light the pool and provide electrical filtering devices. In this step, it is also important to hire a worker trained to perform electrical work for swimming pools, in order to avoid any possible risks that may occur if the electrical work is not done properly.

Pour the floor. After you finish supplying the pool with electrical and plumbing works, you have to start building the walls and floors, and to do that you have to bring a cement car to pour the cement of the floor and then you have to start grading, leveling and smoothing the floor after pouring it, and pay attention to the angles of inclination if the floor of the pool Varied depth.

Build walls. After you have finished building the floor, build the walls. The walls are usually built of cement bricks or cast cement. You should discuss the advantages of each option with the contractor, and you should make sure that the walls are level with respect to the ground level around the pool.

Complete the walls. Swimming pools need to treat their walls against moisture, in order to prevent any water leakage outside the pool, and there are many options that you can discuss with the contractor in order to choose the most suitable for you, and the most common of these options:

     Plastic core lining
     Brick cover
     Stucco lining
     Sprayed plastic liner

Fill in the outer part. Fill in the outside area around the pool walls. The material you can use for that purpose will vary depending on the area you live in. The contractor should explain to you the safest and most economical options for you.

Fill the pool with water. After you finish building the pool, all you have to do is fill the pool with water, whether through feeding tubes if you have connected them directly to the pool, or through a company specialized in providing water for the pool, and enjoy swimming and playing in it.