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This is how are bridges built over seas and rivers



Bridges: It is one of the most important constructions made by modern civilizations, and it connects places that are far from each other, and allows many people to reach these places easily from one place to another, and it is considered one of the strangest types of bridges that are built over water, as many of us Think of how bridges are built over water.

Bridges are not only built on the banks of the river, but there are also many bridges that are built on the seas and oceans. It is easier to build bridges on cement roads compared to building bridges over water. In this article, we learn how to build bridges in the seas.


Types of bridges in the seas:

There are two types of bridges: floating bridges, which are used temporarily and do not need strong foundations, and the second type is permanent bridges that need a strong foundation. 

Factors related to building bridges:

 There are some things that are related to building bridges on water, in terms of the type of bridge, and there are three basic factors that must be taken into account:
- Site status.
- Technical ability and engineering ability of the contractor.
- Technology available in the country.

The first two factors depend on the engineers working on the project as they inspect the site, and the availability of technology support depends entirely on the construction equipment available in the country to build the bridge, and it must be noted that there are different types of construction equipment available in many markets and they are specially designed to support and build bridges in seas.

How to build bridges in the seas: When bridges are built over large bodies of water such as a deep river or even the sea, the following steps are followed:
Building the foundations: the foundations of bridges and the piles are built in a dry place, then they are transported to the seabed, then the seabed is excavated with special drilling machines until the piles are embedded, and this method is effective in areas with limited depth, and in the deepest seas, it is necessary to The construction of temporary dams until the water is impounded, by means of adjacent metal bridges that are stitched into the seabed, and this allows the load in a dry area, and resorting to making temporary barriers to block the bottom and with continuous pumping, the water is removed from the inside, and a frame is made for the columns on which the bridge will be built Then the supports are installed with the help of excavators.

Support piers: After building the foundations, the support piers are made in the place designated for them, and then the gaps and parts of the concrete structure are joined, and sometimes these parts are supported by huge cables, then they are welded together, and cement pumps are used that exceed the temporary barrier Sometimes, supporting cylinders with a diameter of more than two meters must be inserted. These pillars are considered a bridge wedge, and a layer of cement is placed on them and surrounded by a lining supported by metal structures.

Although this is the most common method of building bridges in the seas, there are other different methods that can be followed to build bridges in the seas, and the method used for bridges in shallow waters is certainly different from the method used in deep waters.