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How to complete home elevators at the lowest cost



Home elevators in our time are considered an essential element for some homes, and they no longer include only luxury villas. However, the acquisition of an elevator cannot be considered cheap, as it is not like other home additions. Home elevators come with a somewhat complex construction cost, which may include internal installation or rerouting of electrical wiring and plumbing.


Costs associated with home elevators

If you consider purchasing an elevator at a lower price, there are additional associated costs that you must include in your accounts. Starting with the process of installing the elevator, which requires modifications in the structure of the house at a cost of tens of thousands, and there are the interior accessories of the elevator, such as the design of the doors, entrance, floor, ceiling and lighting, of course. You may consider this increase in your bill unconvincing, but home elevators play a role in increasing the value of your property by approximately 10%.


Additional amounts allocated

The cost of purchasing a home elevator includes the cost of installation, in addition to the type of elevator and complementary accessories, as it is distributed as follows:

     Elevator installation cost: The average cost of installing home elevators ranges between 90 and 140 thousand dirhams
     Electric and hydraulic elevators start from 90 thousand dirhams, and the cost increases according to requirements
     The industrial sector starts from 50 thousand dirhams, and the cost increases according to the requirements
     The household starts from 120 thousand dirhams, and the cost increases according to the requirements
     Building elevators, which range from 5 floors to 13 floors, start from 115 thousand dirhams, and the cost increases according to requirements

Necessary installation requirements

The wide range of home elevators offers a wide range of prices and installation methods. In addition, there are attractive and useful technological options, and therefore you need to search and strive to find the most suitable.

The requirements for installing a home elevator also vary if your home is in the construction stage or you want to modify it. Some types of elevators may need a dedicated space.
Preserving your elevator belongings

Periodic maintenance carried out by professionals works to smooth the operation of the elevator, and avoid sudden breakdowns. However, you should inquire about operating procedures for minor emergencies.


Frequently asked questions about home elevators

     What are the prices of home elevators?

Cost estimates relate to several factors, such as the size of the elevator required and the number of floors. Of course, you still won't be able to get an accurate estimate.

     Can insurance or social security cover the installation of a home elevator?

Since home elevators are not among the necessities of medical treatment, but rather a means of comfort, they do not include the services of health institutions. However, some charities may be able to help people of determination or the elderly, depending on their health condition.

     How fast and safe are home elevators?

The average speed of home elevators can reach 1 meter per second, and elevators are manufactured according to international safety and security standards, for a satisfactory and sound experience.

     What is the difference between home elevators and commercial elevators?

Residential and commercial elevators differ in size and weight, but similar safety equipment.

As a result, you have to set your budget and take advantage of maintenance offers, and if one of your family members needs an easier way instead of climbing stairs, home elevators are the perfect solution. With so many design and cost options, finding the perfect elevator has become even easier.


What you care about electric elevators

First: the requirements

First of all, the installation of this type of elevator requires the presence of prior equipment, and it is not necessary to have a room for the engine, and what is important for electric elevators is the presence of a hole in the ground of not less than 1 meter in addition to a sufficient height on the last floor of not less than 3.25 meters and sufficient space. Therefore, you must inform the engineer early that you want to install an elevator. Then cooperation takes place between the elevator company to provide a design that fits the engineering plan of the building.

You also need to provide it with multiple sources of electrical energy, as you need 3 sources, one of which is separate from the facility. In addition, you should calculate the approximate number of cabin occupants, to take into account load weight and design. A suitable space must be provided for opening the elevator doors on the required floors as well.
Second: ingredients

The electric elevator consists of a powerful motor, steel ropes, counterweight, and rails that drive the elevator. In the elevator cabin, there is a control panel that contains floor buttons and an emergency bell, as it connects the elevator to the external control room. To help the elevator stop, there are brakes and floor stops in the bottom pit. The elevator has two doors, an internal one is fixed in the cabin and an external one is fixed on each floor.
Third: the advantages

Electric elevators are available with a variety of options, and their cost is lower than other types of elevators. Hence, it is widely used and widely available.
Fourth: defects

It may need strict maintenance and monitoring, especially as it can make loud noises and generate disturbing vibrations. It is also difficult to add them after the construction is established, because they need a pit and an engine room.


The cost of elevators does not vary whether it is electric or hydraulic, but the price increases as the elevator features increase, such as decorations inside the cabin, glass doors, and the type of engine (Italian or Turkish).
What you care about home elevators

It has a hydraulic system that requires only a 10 cm hole in the ground. And you don't need civil works.

Their prices range between 120 and 150 thousand dirhams.

The only drawback is that its doors are manual, not automatic.