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How to make the reinforcement of a concrete slab?


 Concrete slab reinforcement: what you need to know

Concrete slab reinforcement is a concrete slab reinforcement used to reinforce the solidity of the structure.

Once laid, the slab then becomes reinforced concrete which offers all the guarantees of tensile strength thanks to the steel it contains.

Regardless of the size of the construction, scrapping concrete slabs is an operation that requires meticulousness.

Indeed, the slightest mistake is enough to expose the house to the risk of collapse, which would cause enormous damage.

While concrete slab reinforcement is not mandatory for any structure, some foundations require the laying of reinforced concrete. Among these, we can cite:

     The slab of a terrace;
     Foundations in risk areas (earthquake);
     The foundation of a low wall;
     The foundation of a house;

When done well, concrete slab reinforcement can withstand more stress. The addition of irons makes it possible to obtain reinforced concrete which is a material invented to give more resistance to traction and compression. 

Which concrete slab reinforcement to choose?

To reinforce a concrete slab, you have two options. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a welded mesh or the use of concrete irons.

Regardless of the choice, it should be remembered that the concrete slab reinforcement must be laid before the concrete is poured.

If you want to do the reinforcement for the foundation of your house, reinforcing bars are a perfect choice. With a diameter between 8 and 12 mm, they will bring significant solidity to your work.

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional to find the ideal concrete slab reinforcement for your construction.

How to do the concrete slab reinforcement?

The concrete slab reinforcement is a more or less complex operation which passes through important points. For a good realization, it is essential to have a concrete slab reinforcement plan.

Indeed, masonry work is generally delicate and it is better not to improvise. Whatever the work surface, it is important to prepare a concrete slab reinforcement plan taking into account the characteristics of the site.

In addition to promoting a huge saving of time, this step allows you to obtain a good result.

In masonry, the nature of the work generally determines the thickness of the concrete slab.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that the wire mesh be well buried in the concrete to limit the risk of cracking.

For this reason, it is essential to carry out traction and compression calculations to propose a good concrete slab reinforcement.

Once you have defined your concrete slab reinforcement plan, you can start carrying out the work. To do this, you must successively:

     Dig and level the ground taking into account the thickness of the slab;
     Place gravel and (or) sand in the previously dug hole to obtain a stable surface;
     Lay out a polyane film to protect the concrete;
     Install the trellis on wedges and connect the assembly with iron wire;
     Pour the concrete over the reinforcement made, knowing that the concrete slab reinforcement must be covered by 3 cm concrete (5 cm at the edge of the edge) in order to avoid rust.

How much does the reinforcement of a concrete slab cost?

The price of concrete slab reinforcement generally varies according to the work and the construction constraints.

Remember, however, that the expertise of the mason with whom you are working can sometimes affect the final score. In all cases, the price charged by professionals is between 30 and 80 €/m3.

For the acquisition of different materials, everything will depend on the surface to be scrapped and the results you want to achieve. In general, your budget should include:

     Between 3 and 8 euros per meter for the chaining of posts;
     About 5 euros for around twenty tying wires;
     Between 2 and 10 euros for a concrete wire;
     Between 1.5 and 8 euros per square meter of welded mesh panel.

Note that the total concrete slab reinforcement budget will always depend on the reinforcement plan and your needs.

It should be noted, however, that the cost of the reinforcement itself represents a fairly low part of the cost of carrying out the work.

By working with a knowledgeable professional, you can get a near-perfect estimate of the total cost of concrete slab reinforcement.

Since the construction work involves more or less significant expenses, it is strongly recommended to obtain an estimate before proceeding with the construction.

By studying several price proposals, you give yourself every chance of benefiting from a reasonable price, but also of avoiding unpleasant surprises at the end of the work.

The realization and installation of a concrete slab reinforcement is difficult work and it is best to go through a professional.

But, if you wish, you can do self-construction. To do this, all you need to do is have the necessary equipment and follow the steps for making and installing reinforcement.

In summary, concrete slab reinforcement ensures the solidity and resistance of a structure. Its implementation requires a well-worked plan that allows for quality results.

The cost of the operation varies according to several factors and it is recommended to request an estimate before starting the work.