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Why was this road designed in a circular shape instead of a rectilinear one?


 Why was this bridge built in a circle when it could have been built straight? 

馃搶 The Laguna Garz贸n Bridge is a famous bridge with an irregular circular shape. It is located in Uruguay and was designed by the famous architect Rafael Vinoly.
  These pictures made a lot of people wonder why he wasn't styled straight?

✅ It opened to vehicle traffic in December 2015 and can accommodate up to 1,000 vehicles per day. Bridges connecting two banks are essential to human life, from ancient times to the present day.

✅ The deaf man Rafael Vi帽oly and his team accomplished it with a very important goal for the drivers of the towns of Rocha and Maldonado on the southern coast of Oritis.
The bridge appears from the top in a beautiful and impressive way, being different from the rest of the bridges, especially the surrounding nature is very impressive. This famous bridge was built along the coast, located in a blue sea lake, with a magnificent view of the sea. The choice of this location is also intended to reduce the driver's speed so that he can enjoy the wonderful scenery here.

✅ The famous Laguna Garzon Bridge is not only for vehicles, it also has a separate pedestrian section, even having crosswalks for pedestrians crossing the road. Which distinguishes it from the rest of the bridges. Walking in the sun here while looking out at the gorgeous seascape is nothing short of amazing.

✅ The total cost of building the bridge was $11 million.
Since its construction, the famous bridge has become an iconic piece of architecture, another catalyst for growth in the two cities and a landmark for Uruguay, particularly in tourism to the Rocha Coast.

✅ The bridge circle creates a large circle in the road, which makes the driver slow down in driving, and thus ensures his safety and can enjoy the beauty of the place as well., which helps reduce and relieve stress when making frequent visits to this place.